Meet the Team

We said there were five of us. Actually six, if we include you! Let us introduce the five minds behind Yugen Go:

Bhav is our talented photographer. The only time we’ve seen him without his camera is at his wedding. He loves cooking. 

Bhav’s Yugen: To see, experience and capture the true beauty of Phuket. Living as a local in  a world that is so different from our normal life that it feels so distant, yet is so close.

Monica doesn’t miss a beat. Her honeymoon itinerary was the most organised, comprehensive tour of New Zealand we have ever seen. Monica gets things done.
Monica’s Yugen: When I wake up in the morning there is light; even in darkness, there is light. When I see the one I love. When I experience the power of a smile, genuine compassion lights the way. When I smell fresh morning air and when I witness selflessness. When I turn the page of my favourite author’s masterpiece. I could be on the west coast of the USA or in a rural Indian village. Wherever I go, these are my moments of true beauty. These are my moments of yugen.

Neha is an idealist. Her favourite place is the outdoors and she is always on the lookout for adventure. She loves sailing.   

Neha’s Yugen: Spectacular sunrises and sunsets. My highlights (so far) are Parc Guell Barcelona, Charlotte Amalie St Thomas and home. Yugen to me is the silence and humility that hits me when I see something that I’ll never forget.

Prem is tall. He plans to run a not-for-profit some day and loves anything to do with sports. He has his own special brand of dance moves.

Prem’s Yugen: Lying on the bed of the Amazon Rainforest under an orange sky, meeting the eyes of a caiman on the bank of the great river doing what I was: nothing.

Ven loves a challenge. He visited Antarctica in shorts and a t-shirt, ran the London marathon in 2015 and conquered Kilimanjaro in 2016. Ven loves KFC and rambutans (they are not lychees).
Ven’s Yugen: To live in the moment. Whether it’s relaxing on a hammock with a drink in hand, listening to the laughter of loved ones, discovering the hidden beauties the world has to offer or pushing oneself to the limit.

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