It was abroad, it doesn’t count

I pride myself on never having received a speeding ticket in the UK. So I arrived in Germany and rented a car. My first driving experience here was safe in the knowledge there were no speed limits. I got comfortable behind the wheel of my Ford Fiesta, turned on the engine, stalled and almost hit the pillar in the car park. It was a very close call. A few hours later, after adjusting to driving on the wrong side of the road, I was driving casually on the motorway, with no visible speed limit in sight other than the GPS changing at unpredictable intervals.

Out of nowhere, a 60kph speed restriction came into force on the motorway with no speed limit. With one arm on the wheel and another scratching my ear, a bright flash from the camera caught me off guard. Hand in ear, I turned to the passenger and we sat in silence, confused and a little dazed.

This memorable road trip ended with about 800km covered, a full tank of petrol costing about 50 pounds, my first speeding ticket (it was abroad- doesn’t count) and the cherry: a late fee for driving an hour over my 24 hour hire period.

–Ven 30/08/15

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