Oslo, Norway

Norway's capital sits quite aptly, at the top of a fjord. It's located in the south and feels quite compact for a city. That's not to say there isn't plenty to see and do. We spent a long weekend in Oslo just before Christmas and packed out the three days with a lot of walking... Continue Reading →


Famed for its beaches and celebrity sightings, the island is 236 km off the west coast of mainland Italy and 18 km south of the French island of Corsica. Look beyond the beaches (it's tough, they're stunning) and you can see the remains of its rich history. Sardinian roots can be traced back as far... Continue Reading →

Stuck in a cove

Allow me to set the scene. It had rained heavily for most of the morning. We're talking borderline monsoon. The rest of the day turned out to be relatively clear. I was excited to win back an afternoon and headed out to discover the local beach. The whatsapp conversation tells the true story of a... Continue Reading →

When the fridge took a holiday

  We went away for two weeks. Giddy with the excitement of seeing blue skies, we checked the house three times, each person doing a separate lap to re-adjust the half-drawn curtains, rattle window handles or tighten the taps so that not a single drop of water would escape. On the way back, the air... Continue Reading →

It was abroad, it doesn’t count

I pride myself on never having received a speeding ticket in the UK. So I arrived in Germany and rented a car. My first driving experience here was safe in the knowledge there were no speed limits. I got comfortable behind the wheel of my Ford Fiesta, turned on the engine, stalled and almost hit the... Continue Reading →

Lesson 1: do not anger the goats

A couple of us were trekking just outside of Cusco, Peru. All was going well, we had seen various ruins and were in good spirits on our way back. However, we somehow managed to wander right into the middle of a massive flock of sheep. Turning around to walk back out, I encountered a goat staring straight at... Continue Reading →


The first myth I want to dispel is that Switzerland is boring. Completely disagree. Switzerland's peaks, lakes and culture are enchanting. For the first time we found ourselves not wanting to walk or cycle or drive to see a long list of places on a pre-planned bucket list. That was what travelling was to me... Continue Reading →

New Zealand

The Journey Pritesh and I arrived at Christchurch airport at 14.30 on Tuesday 25th August – the start of our honeymoon. It had been a long journey (we left for Gatwick airport at 16:00 UK time on Sunday 23rd August) but surprisingly we weren't exhausted or in any discomfort. Emirates had exceeded our expectations with... Continue Reading →

Country Bio: Bolivia

Bolivia is a land of astonishingly diverse natural beauty. In its southwest lies the stark brilliance of the Salar de Uyuni, and in its northeast the mighty Amazon Rainforest. In between, there is Potosi with its bleak working silver mines and the surreal basin-shaped landscape of the world's highest administrative capital, La Paz, at an elevation of c.... Continue Reading →

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