Country Biographies

Going away? Welcome to your home of information.

The country biographies you see here have been put together by our team, based on first-hand experience and expert input from our base of locals. They are designed for you to have all the relevant information you need to plan your trip at your fingertips.

Each country biography contains the following:

Brief Summary
This is just a brief introductory narrative designed to give you a quick overview of a country. It should allow you to gauge the feel of a place and its main features.

Best Cities
These are the top three cities, in our opinion. This is not just going to be the largest cities or the most popular. If one of the lesser visited cities is incredible, it makes the list. We have included in brackets the ideal length of stay, should you ever plan to have a short weekend break as well or are planning any length of itinerary.

IMG_7410 copy
One of the world’s best cities? London, England.

Best Activities
This is probably the part of the biography that will a) Make you want to visit a place or b) Be the reason you have always wanted to visit a place and are on this site in the first place. They are more specific than the Best Cities segment, and are likely to be the part of your trip that will probably not leave you for a long time.

Ideal Itinerary
The hardest section for us and the one which required most thought, but hopefully the most useful for you. Here we plan what we see as the ideal itinerary for your trip to a respective country. The length varies according to what we feel is the best amount of time to experience everything a country has to offer, including its best off the beaten path places.

Not enough time? No problem, just use the Best Cities or Best Activities sections with the itinerary to plan your perfect trip.

A quick summary designed to let you know the elements you’ll face if you visit a country in a certain month. This should indicate the best time to visit to get the best of the weather and to avoid the crowds.

Be a Local
The famous phrase goes “When in Rome…”. Well to help you epitomise this, we lay out some key local customs and flavours to help you to endear yourself to the culture and the locals. Always one of the best parts of visiting a country, this is the epitome of getting involved.

Yugengo Recommends
These are the extra gems our experiences have taught us that we want to share with you. Wide-ranging from off the beaten track places, individual restaurants and even more practical tips, keep an eye out for these to make that trip either that extra bit special or organising that bus trip a little bit easier.

OK, so when you’re ready- get going. And as always, please feel free to get in touch on if there’s anything at all you need from us.

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