To say Southeast Asia has been on the radar in the last few years is an understatement. The lure of Thailand's turquoise waters following Leonardo di Caprio’s turn in The Beach (it is not a good film), architectural and religious treasures like Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the rich and war-torn history of Vietnam combine... Continue Reading →

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand, a country full of amazing sights, colours, culture and food! Unfortunately, we didn't do a lot of traveling around Thailand; instead, we had an incredible family trip to Phuket. Two weeks sounds like a long time in one place. However, we spend every day of our lives running around and being constantly on the... Continue Reading →

The Colombo Matrix

No prizes for guessing where this concept originated. Two authors and a friend were in this city when the Colombo Matrix was born. It is our best effort to rate cities or countries we have visited. It will become a regular feature of this site and for you, the reader, be an easy indicator if... Continue Reading →

Meet the Team

We said there were five of us. Actually six, if we include you! Let us introduce the five minds behind Yugen Go: Bhav is our talented photographer. The only time we've seen him without his camera is at his wedding. He loves cooking.  Bhav's Yugen: To see, experience and capture the true beauty of Phuket. Living as a... Continue Reading →

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