We are Yugen Go.

Welcome to your new Guidebook.

If you want to travel, we want to be your first port of call. We are a travel collective, sourcing all the information you will need to plan your short break, holiday, adventure, or new “lost-in-time” lifestyle.


Huacachina, Peru.

Want some information? Visit our Country Biographies. Maybe some light reading? See our Sin Men section, updated regularly. Want to read about our own travels? Travel Tales is where you want to go. This one will leave a permanent footprint if we’ve done it right!


Yugen is a Japanese word meaning “a profound awareness of the universe which evokes inner thoughts and feelings that are inexplicably too mysterious for words”*. Everyone may experience the unspeakably deep, stirring, feeling of yugen.


Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We think it captures the feeling when we travel. When we experience new things. When we see how 6 billion lives interact across seven continents. Visit the Meet the Team section, where your authors reveal the place of their own moments of yugen.

What makes Yugengo different?

We are 5 friends who love to explore. You are our +1, we want to hear about your journey! We are a completely interactive space.

Our own rating system: The Colombo Matrix.

The bad and the ugly of travel: Read about travel misfortunes in our Sin Men section.

Detailed day-by-day itineraries in the Country Biographies based on our experiences, including travel distances.

One big secret feature coming soon!


Cape Town, South Africa.

We’re waiting for you

The other secret is out: Yugen Go is here. We are continuously updating, seeing new parts of the world, revisiting old ones, learning and sharing. We trust you are doing the same. So get reading, get inspired and get in touch.

*Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_aesthetics)

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